Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Hey it’s me Beach!

I need to report some important stuff.  It is not all fun and games here. Well actually it really it is!

I have a new title now!

Ventura’s Oceans Edge @silverchip TKN

That is my long name, and I am now a Trick Dog Novice.

You can watch my video here: Beach Trick Novice - YouTube

If your dog is interested in learning some great tricks like these, we have a class starting next week. You don’t need to get an AKC title, I just did it because it is fun!

And if you think this is just for young dogs, it’s not! Here is a video of 10-year-old Dreamy doing her tricks. Dreamy Trick Novice - YouTube

So, if you want, give it a try, I promise it will be fun!

Trick Dog Class

Tuesday 20 June, 5:30 PM

1 Hour Class for 6 Weeks


Or visit our website for more information.

 Trick Class


  1. Great Job Beach and Dreamy

  2. Oh I can’t believe Dreamy is 10! Fun to watch them both, so confident with their tricks. Great job Bonnie